How to get your business ready for SharePoint 2010 – the publisher experience

SharePoint 2010 gives you the opportunity to upgrade your technology to meet the current and future needs of your business’ intranet.   It also enables other changes to improve business effectiveness to be made at the same time.  In my last post I gave some tips on the user experience your business needs so it is ready to use SharePoint 2010.  This post covers the publishing experience.

Publisher experience

  • All site collection administrators, site administrators, and publishers need to be trained before they start using SharePoint 2010.  The training should be a blend of face to face and online modular training depending on its complexity.
  • The look and feel should be consistent – either ‘out of the box’ or corporate branding –  so it is familiar to all publishers.  It also cover the intranet standards – why as well as what they are – and need people to show they understand and will comply with them.
  • While the training will mainly be for publishers there will need to be training for Site Collection Administrators and Site Administrators.  The training needs to cover their roles, how they manage the intranet and comply with the publishing standards.
  •  The training content and method of delivery needs to be tested and shown to educate publishers in SharePoint 2010 best practice and publishing standards.
  • A process should be developed so people who need to publish can request permission to publish.  This will be approved by their manager and the Site Collection Administrator will set permissions and space to publish.
  • The process should cover all publishers to request permission, show they have been trained, alert the approver(s) to decide if it should proceed before being implemented.
  • You need to decide on your approach to reviewing all types of existing content – news, video, blogs, and audio.  Your approach could include content no longer needed being deleted and people pointed to more relevant content if needed.  If the content is still current and needed, it can be updated to meet the publishing standards and right tone of voice.
  • An overall project plan and owner needs to be agreed who can give updates on progress.
  • Once all content has been reviewed and updated it will be ready for migration.  All content needs to be signed off by the owner.  Ideally meta data must be added from the taxonomy with extra relevant words and phrases added to help people find the right content.
  • When content is migrated it needs to be aligned with your information architecture.  It also should appear in search results.
  • All new content published from day 1 needs to meet the publishing standards and have the right tone of voice.

In my next post in this series I will cover how to get your business ready for SharePoint 2010 governance.

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