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Swine flu advice on BT’s intranet

I read with great interest Jane McConnell’s article ‘Intranet Checklist for the Flu Pandemic‘.  I was pleased to see that BT meets the checklist. 

I thought it would help build on Jane’s checklist by showing you some examples of how BT’ has implemented the checklist on our intranet.  We aim to:

  • make the guidance easy to find
  • make it prominent but not so it distracts those who don’t need it
  • focus on places where users expect to find news and links to guidance
  • make the guidance easy to follow
  • make access available to anyone from anywhere
  • give people the chance to feedback and share experiences

You can see the examples in a slide set you can download:

Slide 1: BT Homepage has in the left hand navigation a banner with guidance on swine flu which can be easily updated

Slide 2: BT Today, our main news site, has links to a newsline (if all else fails, the phones won’t!) and to swine flu guidance

Slide 3: If you search for swine flu the site is shown as the top result

Slide 4: If you check through the BT A-Z you will find the swine flu site

Slide 5: When you use our single sign on to any applications you get tips about swine flu

Slide 6 and 7: Shows examples of the guidance and content available on BT’s swine flu site for everyone to use.

I hope this helps you prepare your intranet for whatever happens next.