Setting the right strategy is critical. Your organisation needs to see how it will be supported by your intranet, digital workplace, mobile or collaborative space. You need to be clear on right direction you will take.

Getting it wrong will make it difficult for you to make improvements. So many times I can see the direction set by the overall strategy for an organisation is different to one that is being attempted for your intranet or digital workplace.

I can help you to develop the right strategy that sets you in the right direction, based on my experience with other strategies. Developing the right strategy will help support your organisation’s overall strategy and align with other related strategies e.g. IT, that may affect it.

Typically, you need to review your strategy when:

  • Your IT people talk about SharePoint as a technology solution
  • You need to change how your content and documents are used and managed
  • Your workforce need access to be more productive while away from their normal workplace
  • Your workforce need a better way to share ideas and solve problems more easily
  • Your workforce need to be better informed and engaged with internal communications
  • Your intranet will transform into a digital workplace

A strategy, supported by a good governance framework will help your stakeholders to appreciate the improvements you can deliver to your organisation’s success.

I can help you by measuring the full benefits of an intranet, digital workplace, mobile or collaborative space. While it includes the traditional financial ‘ROI’ return on investment benefits, it extends beyond that to wider benefits that can help your organisation.

Some of these benefits are obvious but others can be ignored or overlooked that can have a huge impact on the value achieved. I will make sure no stone is unturned to demonstrate the full value to your senior managers.

I can also guide you in how you can measure, explain and show the results so people understand how important and effective it can be towards a successful intranet with a clear direction that supports an organisation’s goals and gives a consistently good experience every time it is used.

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