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BT Homepage: agreed by users

After testing with users on the changes to BT Homepage I have been able to launch it with the changes to some sections of the top page and site.

While some users when asked for their views wondered what all the fuss was about for the small changes proposed, most appreciated being given the chance to give their views and liked the changes.

I have greater confidence that I’ve made changes which users want and need to give them an even easier way to find what they need for their work.

A lesson I have learned is to try to make changes small rather than keep them back until a major change is needed.  It avoids users being disorientated with all the changes.  Of course keeping the number of times changes are needed to a minimum helps too.

Testing with users involves them more and suggestions made will help me make further small changes in 2010.

Here is the final version in normal colours and in Team BT/2012 Challenge colours when quarterly updates publicising progress and how people get involved are made.

New BT Homepage – what’s your view?

In the last BT Intranet user survey I carried out earlier in 2009 I asked people in BT if merging information and applications into logical groups based around activities/functions would help them.  The majority answered ‘Yes’.

I am now testing the new version that tries to do this with users and asking for their views.

The last major change to the BT Homepage was at the beginning of 2009 with a recent change in some of the colours when the 2012 challenge countdown began earlier this month.

I’m sharing the proposed changes and how we are testing these with users in these slides.

What do you think of the changes and how we are testing with people to make sure they are right or be able to make further changes to get it better?

PS I’m on holiday for the next two weeks.  My blog decided it wants a break too :-).  So, my next post will be in December.

Team BT 2012 Challenge

On 31 October we started the 1000 day countdown to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games.  To mark this BT gave an amazing lights and fireworks display from the BT Tower.

Just like the athletes who are preparing for the Games, BT is setting its sights high with the Team BT 2012 Challenge.  It will help everyone in the company focus on the future.  The ‘challenge’ we are taking on is a simple one – to make BT a better business with a better future.

To showcase the launch key intranet sites, including BT Homepage promoted the 2012 Challenge.  You can see from these examples how we have coordinated the changes.

There will be some more changes to BT Homepage’s structure which I will share with you later this month.