About me

Mark Morrell - Intranet pioneerI have many years consulting experience as the Intranet Pioneer helping organisations improve their intranets, digital workplaces, collaborative and mobile workspaces, and document management systems. I have consulted with many organisations, including British Gas and Centrica, a global energy business; TeliaSonera, a Global telecoms business; Sheffield City Council, UK local government; and Cambridge International Examinations, a provider of international qualifications.

Since my journey started in 1996 I find that strategy or governance is often the root cause of the problems I help my clients to solve. I appreciate how important a governance framework is, something often overlooked or undervalued. It can be the crucial factor to help with quicker adoption of new technologies, increased usage of key tools and content, stronger engagement with people leading to greater value with improved productivity and effectiveness.

As the BT Intranet manager, I successfully pioneered an intranet strategy, aligned with other strategies, supported by a governance framework of publishing standards, roles and responsibilities. I combined this approach with intelligent compliance, higher satisfaction and increased usage by people, to demonstrate clearly the value and wider benefits to BT. You can find more about my achievements at BT at the bottom of this page.

Organisations seek my help when implementing a new content or document management system, trying to get the best out of SharePoint, a poor or inconsistent user experience, or there is little accountability, purpose or benefit, to their intranet.

I often find a common thread. Whether it is explicitly the problem or part of an underlying problem, improving your governance and strategy helps achieve more benefit from the changes made. I have:

  • Created strategies that support organisations’ priorities
  • Identified business requirements that technologies need to meet
  • Implemented technology changes e.g. SharePoint, content and document management systems
  • Developed governance frameworks with roles, responsibilities, standards and training
  • Measured the full benefits of intranets and digital workplaces

I live on the south coast of England near Brighton. As well as enjoying time with my family, I am a long-suffering supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion FC. I compensate for this by enjoying walks along the seaside and countryside.

Since January 2018 I am also the Co-founder of DigitalMode.

DigitalMode will help you make that elusive digital breakthrough for your business by:

  • Engaging new customers using different ways to communicate
  • Managing digital channels to sustain the improvements
  • Showing the benefits you will gain with tangible examples
  • Improving satisfaction of your customers
  • Increasing the growth of your business

Please contact me if you want to find out more.

BT Intranet achievements

As the BT Intranet manager, I was responsible for meeting the needs of over 180,000 global employees and third parties. I transformed BT’s intranet into a digital workplace where people worked anywhere, anytime, with any device. The Digital Workplace Group recognised BT’s intranet as one of the best for governance, strategy, communications, engagement, collaboration, usability and measuring value.

My achievements at BT included developing the intranet strategy to support BT’s key priorities; building a governance model with roles and responsibilities; developed publishing standards that met business, legal and regulatory needs; created a stakeholder board with senior business representatives; measured the overall value and wider benefits the intranet provides; tested and integrated collaborative tools into the digital workplace; and lastly successfully implemented SharePoint to replace existing tools that met business requirements.

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