I have first-hand experience of working with many technologies whether it is assessing if the technology meets the strategy developed and based on business requirements or how well it can be managed.

However, the reality is that many clients either use or are planning to use SharePoint. I have implemented different versions of SharePoint with intranets, digital workplaces, mobile or collaborative spaces.

SharePoint is a tool that can help meet many business requirements. Whether they are achieved or not is down to how it is implemented, not what is used. It is often referred to as a ‘big beast’. That is because SharePoint is capable of doing so many things. Organisations are not sure what to use, in what order to introduce SharePoint, what each feature is best used for, and how to manage everything well.

Often I am asked to help when an organisation wants to use SharePoint to:

  • Replace existing document management systems to improve findability
  • Replace existing content management systems (CMS) to improve the user experience
  • Develop collaboration tools so people can blog posts, ‘show and tell’ with podcasts and vidcasts, contribute articles to a wiki
  • Combine with Yammer to help people share knowledge more easily
  • Transform its intranet into a digital workplace

Using my first-hand experience with implementing SharePoint, combined with my knowledge gained using each version of SharePoint, I can help to identify your business needs, gain support of senior managers, plan how to and implement it, prioritise how content is migrated, or create the right governance framework.

I can help you by measuring the full benefits of a SharePoint implementation. While it includes the traditional financial ‘ROI’ return on investment benefits, it extends beyond that to wider benefits that can help your organisation.

Some of these benefits are obvious but others can be ignored or overlooked that can have a huge impact on the value achieved. I will make sure no stone is unturned to demonstrate the full value to your senior managers.

I can also guide you in how you can measure, explain and show the results so people understand how important and effective it can be towards adopting SharePoint successfully.

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