People love to see a well-structured intranet, digital workplace, etc., but it is having a consistently good experience that keeps people coming back. That means people are confident in its integrity and it is reliable.

Your digital environments are becoming increasingly complex. New tools and features are deployed without considering what already exists. The result often is tools are difficult to use, with limited or no support or governance. There is little chance of achieving the benefits with such a fragmented approach.

Developing a good governance framework that includes the roles and responsibilities, publishing standards, training and support is vital. It can be the deciding factor between a good user experience and a poor user experience. While the size, type, and culture of the organisation you support may be different, some governance principles are common and effective if applied in a smart way.

I can help you build a good governance framework when:

  • You have new technologies to manage e.g. SharePoint
  • You need to change how you manage your content or document management system
  • Your workforce need to use content and tools while away from their normal workplace
  • Your workforce need to share ideas and solve problems more easily online
  • Your communication channels are overused, need managing better, to engage people
  • Your intranet transforms into a digital workplace

Based on my experience I can help you to create a governance framework that is appropriate to any type of content or apps used and support your strategy. It will have the right publishing standards that you can apply appropriately to different types of content.

I can help you by measuring the full benefits of an intranet, digital workplace, mobile or collaborative space. While it includes the traditional financial ‘ROI’ return on investment benefits, it extends beyond that to wider benefits that can help your organisation.

Some of these benefits are obvious but others can be ignored or overlooked that can have a huge impact on the value achieved. I will make sure no stone is unturned to demonstrate the full value to your senior managers.

I can also guide you in how you can measure, explain and show the results so people understand how important and effective it can be towards a successful and well-managed intranet that supports an organisation’s goals and gives a consistently good experience every time it is used.

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