Digital workplace is now in Wikipedia

While I was writing my previous posts on the digital workplace I was surprised to find no article about the digital workplace in Wikipedia.  So, I have decided to put that right!

You can find my attempt at explaining what the digital workplace means in Wikpedia now.

Please read the Wikpedia article on the digital workplace and, more importantly, contribute to it so it grows into the definitive explanation everyone can refer to.

2 responses to “Digital workplace is now in Wikipedia

  1. Mark, it’s a nice article.

    Sadly it does fail in Wikipedia terms because it’s uncited, and looks like original research.

    Basically, find some sources, reference them and Robert is your mother’s brother.

    “If no reliable third-party sources can be found on a topic, Wikipedia should not have an article about it.”

    • Hi Steve,

      I agree. I just wanted to start the ball rolling so other people more knowledgeable on this subject can build on the Wikipedia article. Fingers crossed that happens soon!


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