Digital Workplace Strategy & Design

I have been involved in the digital workplace for over 20 years as a practitioner and consultant.  I found Digital Workplace Strategy & Design very helpful and it will be of help to everyone connected or interested in this critical area that is growing with importance.

Digital Workplace Strategy & Design explains the why, the what and the how to transforming your organisation so it can achieve the full range of benefits a digital workplace should offer, putting the user – employees – as the main focus.

This book is more than just how to use technology.  It is about changing the whole focus of your organisation.  How to change employees behaviour?  What is the overall value of a service?  What do people really need to help with their work?  These questions and many others that want to ask will be answered in this book.
Following the six guiding principles will help you to understand how a new approach will succeed where maybe other attempts have failed.  Adopting the five steps to creating a digital workplace strategy will help you to design the services that employees demand.
With diagrams, examples, quotes and case studies this books gives a comprehensive view of why the digital workplace is critical to all employees and how organisations need to adopt the right approach.  It is a book that you can come back to for specific sections to refresh your memory after absorbing the learning from your initial reading of this book.
I wish I had Digital Workplace Strategy & Design with me when I first started my career and benefit from Oscar and Henrik’s combined wisdom each working day.  However you can do that by reading this book and change your organisation’s approach!

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