Letting the mobile genie out of the bottle

Mobile is now one of the key drivers for the transformation of intranets into digital workplaces which could become mobile workplaces.  Progress is rapid but patchy.  Why is that?

I believe many organisations want to move towards greater mobile access to content, collaborative tools, and apps, but it is fear of the unknown which prevents them doing this.  Part of that fear is about letting the genie out of the bottle.

While there are some surprising examples of organisations like Yahoo! and Google reacting negatively (in my view) to this trend, many are starting to test the waters by putting a (mobile) toe in and finding it a warm and pleasant experience.  They are not getting out of their depth either by planning what to try out first, how it fits with the wider picture, and understanding the benefits.

How do you manage this so it benefits your organisation and people while managing the risks of bring your own device (BYOD), intellect property, consuming and contributing content, and using apps that are available anywhere, anytime?

It is no surprise if I say a mobile strategy and governance helps to achieve this.  Setting the right direction for your organisation with mobile which is supported by the right framework is vital.

Over the next few posts I will shed some light on how to manage mobile devices once people can use access their online environment.  What will help you most?  Let me know please…….

One response to “Letting the mobile genie out of the bottle

  1. One of the biggest hurdles organizations must overcome is how their intranet performs and appears on the multitude of devices. Responsive Design addresses that issue. It looks like Interact Intranet just dipped their toes in that pool.

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