Tips to help you achieve a Digital Workplace

When you are proposing a Digital Workplace to your organisation you need to decide how to present this to your senior managers as well as what the benefits will be.  Here are a few tips I have found have helped me and my clients to succeed:

1. Don’t use any technical terms

Find out who you will be presenting, meeting, or discussing your proposal with.  Use the language that your audience understands best.  Don’t use technology terms or abbreviations.

2. Really understand what your organisation needs

What is the overall strategy for your organisation?  What are the key priorities?  How can a digital workplace support them?

3. Find a quick win

Try to identify something within your control, needs little time or money to achieve, but will make your senior managers look up and take notice because of the difference it will make when achieved.

4. Find something which will have a big impact

Maybe a difficult and inefficient process?  Maybe an activity that can make a big saving in money?  Maybe something which affects everyone?  It has to make a difference that will get everyone’s attention.

5. Show slides with before and after scenarios

You need to make sure you explain clearly with examples of what is happening now and how it will change afterwards.  Your examples need to show money saved, time saved, extra revenue, better productivity, etc.  They can be shown words or graphic but they must be clear and easily understood.

6. Be honest about timescales

Senior managers quickly get turned off from a project if the reality is different to the expectation you have set.  Make sure you can justify what you are showing.

2 responses to “Tips to help you achieve a Digital Workplace

  1. Excellent tips! It’s especially important to emphasize end results, as you mentioned, such as increases in revenue, time and money saved, improved productivity, etc. Do you have any advice on how these can be estimated realistically? Thanks!

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