Leveraging the benefits from a social intranet

I have admired for sometime the thinking of Carolyn Douglas and the writing by Intranet Connections.  They have helped intranet managers with tools and ideas to build successful social intranets

Their latest eBook, Social Intranet Toolkit, provides you with over 25 ways to leverage the social and business tools available on your intranet.  I’m honoured to have one of my blog posts included in the Social Intranet Toolkit.

Topics that are covered in the Social Intranet Toolkit:

  • How to leverage your social intranet
  • Business vs. social tools
  • How to handle objections
  • Social policies and governance
  • Designing your social intranet

These are all areas I care passionately about and help organisations benefit from my intranet experience.

This is a free eBook you can get by subscribing to their intranet blog and start with the building blocks to help you work smarter, not harder, in delivering a successful social intranet for your organization.

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