The financial value gained from shifting to a digital workplace

For the past two years I have posted about why it benefits organisations who move from a physical to a digital workplace for their employees to use.  Many organisations have dipped their toe in the water but few have grasped the full potential benefits that can be gained.

Work is shifting from the physical to the digital workplace. Offices are not disappearing, but they are reducing in size. Their configuration is also changing, and their role in the workplace is being adapted. Work itself is becoming increasingly portable, mobile and flexible.

This fundamental shift represents a huge opportunity for organizations to achieve multiple benefits including reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing employee engagement and even environmental improvements.  Yet, many organizations are not taking action and reaping the rewards. This is partly due to a lack of awareness of the opportunities at hand, and also due to some skepticism about the benefits amongst senior and middle-management in many businesses.

The Digital Workplace Forum has researched the financial value organisations have found from shifting to a digital workplace.  You can get a FREE copy of this great report here.

The six distinct areas detailed in the report where results from investing in digital working can be achieved are:

  • Real estate reductions (ability to reduce costs on office space)
  • Productivity improvements (employees are often more efficient when working away from the office)
  • Absenteeism declines (staff are less inclined to have a day officially away from the office if they are working flexibly)
  • Staff turnover decreases (employees who work flexibly are more engaged, happier and less likely to leave)
  • Operations continuity (a good digital workplace infrastructure is key for successful operations continuity and disaster planning)
  • Environmental gains (by reducing employee travel there are significant reductions in organizations’ carbon footprint).

I recommend you ask for a copy and use it to benefit your organisation.

One response to “The financial value gained from shifting to a digital workplace

  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for easy understanding article for non native english speakers.

    Check out also this whitepaper.

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