Has work changed since the London 2012 Olympics?

It’s now one month since the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.  Most people found it was a fantastic event and the London 2012 Paralympics has helped changed people’s perceptions about disabilities.  But what is the legacy these events have left for how we work?

I posted a year ago about the high expectation the Olympics and Paralympics could help make the digital workplace become less of a buzz phrase and more a reality for how people can work.  Organisations with workers commuting or living in London needed to think and act differently while these games took place.  People would not be able to commute to work at normal times with the strain on the transport network.

Many organisations did allow their people to work from other locations or stagger their hours travelling to work or the number of days each week they needed to be in their normal workplace.  I pointed out it was an opportunity to change how people worked and benefited their organisation.

But I wonder how many organisations are reviewing the impact, assessing the benefits, and deciding that temporary arrangements can become permanent.

Can you help me to find out how The London Olympics and Paralympics has affected your organisation if you have anyone working in London?

  1. Are your employees were more engaged because they didn’t commute?
  2. Are your employees happier with a better work/life balance?
  3. Did employee productivity increase because they could choose how they worked?
  4. Did the digital workplace enable new and better ways of working?

Please let me have any details or your email for me to follow-up with you.

Thanks, Mark

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