How to get your business ready for SharePoint 2010 governance

SharePoint 2010 gives you the opportunity to upgrade your technology to meet the current and future needs of your business’ intranet.   You can make other changes to improve business effectiveness at the same time.  In my last two posts in this series I gave some tips on the user and publisher experience your business needs so it is ready to use SharePoint 2010.  This post covers governance.


  • An intranet governance framework will underpin the user and publishing experiences.  It will include roles and responsibilities, information architecture, standards, policies and processes.
  • An information architecture is needed to show where all content will be hosted in SharePoint 2010.  It needs to take account of future as well as short term business needs.
  • Publishing standards are needed to meet business, regulatory, legal, and user requirements.  They should be embedded wherever possible into SharePoint tools e.g. owner shown on footer of every page to be completed before page is published.
    • Accessibility: meeting the legal needs of disabled people
    • Usability: ensuring productive use of the intranet
    • Ownership: information managed by owner clearly shown
    • Currency: information integrity is assured by review date
    • Sensitive content: permissions set so only right people see content
  • Roles and responsibilities for managing and publishing information defined, agreed, and implemented for day 1 of SharePoint 2010 e.g. Site Collection Administrators.
    • Intranet Steering Group: Senior stakeholders representing key business functions to regularly review the strategy and key activities to implement it.  The Intranet Manager should report to theis group.
    • The Intranet Team will implement the strategy agreed and develop and manage the intranet to meet the business’ needs.  They will ensure owners will comply with business policies and legal requirements.
    • All publishers need to be trained before they are able to publish.  Publishers will need to comply with publishing standards.  Publishers will either be a Site Administrator if publishing for a site or an Author if for part of it e.g. a page of content.
    • SharePoint Designer can change the look and feel of pages and navigation structure that has been agreed by the Intranet Team.  It needs to be used carefully with selected people approved to use it.
  • A process will be developed for all requests to publish being approved before being set up for the right part of the intranet
  • A Domain Name policy is needed at the top level of an intranet.  A ‘friendly names’ approach should be adopted from a usability approach and avoid elongated URL addresses.
  • A top level taxonomy that is a blend of functional and organisational names is needed.  It should be presented on each page as a drop down menu that a publisher has to choose from.  More than one heading can be chosen if applicable.  Further words can be added by the publisher at their discretion to enhance the search experience for anyone trying to find the right information.

I hope these three posts on governance and the user and publisher experience help you with implementing SharePoint 2010.

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