The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work

Many of you who follow my blog will know of my interest in the digital workplace.  From my first-hand experience transforming BT’s digital workplace and involvement with other organisations it is a very exciting area to work in.  So it was great to hear about this book!

Paul Miller’s book ‘The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work’ is an absolute must read for anyone interested in finding out how technology is changing the way we work for everyone on the planet.

The way Paul Miller writes it from his own experiences and view of life – working and personal – makes it compelling to read.  The examples Paul uses are ones we can all relate too and are real, not made up to fit a theoretical scenario.

I loved the format of the book.  If like me you sometimes put a book down and pick it up a little later you won’t lose your thread and have to read back over the last few pages.  In fact it is split into sections that are easy to use and refer back to again and again about the digital workplace.  I found the ‘top 10 digital workplace benefits, challenges, etc.’ very good for focusing on the key points of each section.

It’s good to see Paul Miller share his expertise and enthusiasm with us in this book.  I’m fortunate to know Paul so I realise every word is sincerely meant to help you, the reader.

It’s impossible to get serious about the digital workplace without reading and absorbing the ideas and examples in this book which is available to buy through, and Barnes &

You should also visit the Digital Workplace Forum to find out out more information and how it can help you and your organisation.

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