Digital Workplace Trends 2012 report

If you are going to spend any of your own or your organisation’s hard earned cash this year then it will be difficult to find a better reason for spending it than on Jane McConnell’s excellent Digital Workplace Trends 2012 report.  It is packed with great research, trends and insights on intranets and the digital workplace that will help you focus on what need your top priorities in 2012.  It is impossible to do the report justice by covering it in any depth in a blog post so I’ll pick out three key findings that interested me most.

1. The intranet or digital workplace is the ‘way of working’ in the organisation.

Jane says “the essential place for accessing all or most of what people need to work” is the digital workplace for employees.  As I have been saying during 2011 ‘work is what you do, not where you go to’ and recommended how you can achieve this with my digital workplace principles.  This is a big ‘win-win’ for organisations saving costs and employees more engaged and a priority for 2012.

2. Internal social collaboration has become well-established

Jane says “social collaboration is well-established at enterprise-wide level or within some parts of the organisation”.  It is good to see organisations accepting the benefits will come from this approach.  I have said that engaged people who are able to  communicate and collaborate more easily with other employees using these tools will prosper with the right culture and governance.

3. A fully functioning, high-level digital board making decisions

Jane says “the digital boards makes decisions for both internal and external digital channels ranging from the intranet to external web sites, and include collaborating and social networking”.  This is great to hear.  At last more intranets and digital workplaces AND the people who manage them are being recognised by their organisations and taken more seriously.  The digital workplace strategy for how they are managed is critical.

Very few organisations achieve all three criteria so for most it is an aspiration which can be the focus for their improvement priorities in 2012 ready for the Digital Workplace Trends 2013 survey.

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