A top performer’s career development

How do I engage employees and improve collaboration? is a question I have been addressing in my posts Make a newbie welcome and more engaged,, Integrating and engaging a newbie and  How an engaged newbie can become a top performer.

Leslie is a now a top performer and is considering the next move for career progression.  Leslie reviews what the options are:

Performance management

Leslie’s performance is recorded.  Leslie has made the information available to propective managers who could be interested in Leslie’s skills and experience.  Leslie’s preferences for the next role can also be seen – just like with LinkedIn.

Career development

From day 1 that Leslie joined this organisation, Leslie’s career development has been recorded, progress reviewed and options updated so it is relevant and accurately reflect Leslie’s development and future preferences.


This has proven to be the most valuable resource to help Leslie’s career progression.  Through discussion forums, communities of interest, communities of practice and wiki contributions, Leslie’s expertise is well known and appreciated.

Leslie’s blog posts and MyProfile showing Leslie’s skills, exdperience and current activities are a showcase that everyone can view.

Leslie has carefully cultivated relationships with key people in mutual areas of interest.  These people are actively considering where Leslie could fit in to their team.

In my next post I will cover how Leslie becomes a mentor.

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