Good governance = engaged people

I have the pleasure of presenting at Interaction 2011 this Thursday, 13 October, on how good governance can make people more engaged to the organisation they work in.  My latest post ‘Integrating and engaging a newbie’ in a series on this subject is a good example.

It is a subject I feel passionate about.  Organisations miss great opportunities because of their approach.  Collaboration is increasingly seen by senior managers as a ‘good thing’ to have but what it is and how it is used is where difficulties can happen.  With the digital workplace a reality for more and more businesses an effective governance framework that benefits the workforce and employer is critical.  Get it wrong and you risk losing any competitive edge.  Get it right and you can accelerate your plans and success rate!

Why have governance?

Without governance we risk chaos.  Intranets are not the same as the internet.  Governance doesn’t mean making life difficult.  It’s about ‘managed freedom’.  Organisations need to see the benefits from the investment they are making, both in financial and human terms.  Businesses need to maximise the potential for success to be more effective in the future.

Why do you need engaged people?

Quite simply organisations need people to be more productive, more satisfied, more committed, so they are more likely to try new tools and more likely to stay with your business!  Without that approach organisations won’t be so good or such fun to work for.

What is ‘good’ governance?

Organisations need to meet their legal, regulatory and business requirements for digital workplaces.  Collaboration tools and more flexible ways of working mean this has to be robust.  But it has to also make it easier for you to do things and not stifle innovation.  Get the balance right between the needs of the business, individual and all employees.  Let everyone use it and be accountable for their actions is a good recipe for success.

I hope to meet some of you who read this blog in London before/after my presentation.  If you can’t make you can follow the #iconf tag on Twitter.

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