Join me at the Social Workplace conference

Before I take a break for a week’s holiday from my blog, I wanted to post about the Social Workforce conference on 1 November in London, UK.  It is a subject I very dear to my heart.  I recently posted about ‘How do I engage employees and improve collaboration?’, Make a newbie welcome and more engaged and Integrating and engaging a newbie (there’s more to follow).

The conference aims to help you:

  • Achieve fast, effective communication within organisations
  • Work smarter and harder within active communities
  • Strengthen internal communications and employee collaboration
  • Increase workplace productivity and enable document sharing
  • Stronger employee engagement and talent management
  • Save time and cost from lesser travel; Reducing stress levels
  • Adapt to the changing demands of the future of work

The future of work is the digital workplace in my view.  Of course good governance and a performance management system will help underpin these aims.

There will be some great speakers there who will inspire you too!

Why not join me for a great day learning more about these others and engaging with me and everyone else who will be there?

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