The risks and rewards of SharePoint 2010

I have used my first-hand experience implementing SharePoint 2010 (SP 2010) as the former BT Intranet manager, combined with my knowledge from working with other global organisations also implementiing SP 2010, to write a whitepaper on the risks and rewards of SP 2010.  It also builds on my SP 2010 posts in this blog.

You can download a free copy of the whitepaper and learn about the risks and rewards SP 2010 presents.

This whitepaper provides a first-hand look at some of the strategies for implementing SP 2010. The paper provides information that will:

  • Help guide an organisation from initial consideration of SP 2010 through to the first day of a successful implementation and, most importantly, beyond
  • Provide guidance on how to ensure an effective content governance framework, and define organisational standards
  • Show you how to incorporate automated compliance solutions to help protect against non-compliant or inappropriate content
  • Highlight how to make the right technology decisions for your business to maximise the rewards that collaboration brings and avoid any risks or pitfalls

This will help you understand what strategies will assist your organisation in implementing SP 2010.

You can also join me on a webinar to discuss the whitepaper on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM BST.

It would be great to have a conversation about SP 2010 with you.

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