Integrating and engaging a newbie

In my last post ‘Make a newbie welcome and more engaged’ I started to answer the question “How do I engage employees and improve collaboration?“.  This covered how day 1 can be the right start for a newbie joining a business.  In this post I want to cover how you can build over the next few weeks on what you have achieved so far for a newbie.

Remember, you want your newbie to be as engaged to the business as quickly and fully as possible.  You want someone who is very productive!

You also want them to adopt the company values, ways of working and standards.  This will include accepting they may work from different locations depending on what they need to do.  You want them to find out from your digital workplace most of the standard information they need.

Induction training

The newbie will meet some key people face to face but more likely it will involve emails, calls, video calls and conferencing to quickly build up the level of understanding needing for a strong business relationship.

Having a good digital workplace means online training in corporate values, health and safety, security, business processes, etc, can be completed wherever and whenever it fits with a newbie’s other business commitments.

Regular catch ups with a newbie’s manager help to check with progress and feedback using the performance management system.


The newbie will be able to exploit their experience with internet collaborative tools like Facebook and Twitter to use the internal collaboration tools your business has in its digital workplace.

The newbie will be able to exploit:

  • discussion forums: ask questions to build up understanding quicker without troubling manager all the time
  • micro blogging: build up networks with people across other business functions
  • wikis: learn from the knowledge shared and maybe even add some from their own experiences
  • blogs: give their views on their experiences since they have started for other newbies
  • communities of interest: join groups of people with similar interests and expertise

Having a good governance framework in place helps too.  Make sure the tools are easy to use, clearly identified for their purpose, contact owners are shown for further information and it is a single sign on to make easy to access and share knowledge because there is no anonymity.

Don’t forget why you are doing this.  Your business wants to accelerate the productivity, engagement and commitment of your newbie by providing all these tools to help.

More on the newbie’s first year in my next post.

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