Make a newbie welcome and more engaged

This is the first of my tips to answer the question “How do I engage employees and improve collaboration?“.  I wanted to start at the beginning, when a newbie is joining a new business, because if you can get off on the right footing the rest can be easy.  If you get off on the wrong footing then it will take more time and effort to overcome poor first impressions and may not ever recover with the newbie leaving after a little while.

When someone is thinking of applying for a job with your business you want to give them as much information about your business as you can to help them make an informed decision.  Applying online for a job for example shows you have a digital workplace.

When the successful applicant is informed of your decision, you also want to start building up their knowledge of their new role so they can hit the ground running from their first day. So here are a few tips that can help boost their engagement and value to a business from day 1.

A nice surprise

The newbie joining is pleasantly surprised by the secure access given to HR policies, information about their role, team and part of the business they will be working in.  The newbie is also pleased they can continue using the internet tools they have grown up with and which a lot of their personal life revolves around like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

They are amazed they can use a forum with other newbies and HR to ask and share experiences and pick up tips on how to do things, who are the key people on any topic, etc.  This helps them gain a warm feeling for their new employer and appreciate the effort made to make them feel welcome before they join.

Time to prepare

The newbie’s manager is also aware of who the person is joining.  They use the digital workplace to make sure all the equipment is ordered ready for use on day 1 including a laptop, smartphone, email account, access to collaborative tools, applications, remote access to the digital workplace and a desk and chair or booking a place for the first few days because they can work flexibly anywhere.

Communications are sent to the other team members, handover arranged if it is an existing job by the person moving on, and key business partners are also made aware of the changes so they can accept a different voice, face and email sign-off for the work they continue to do with whoever does this role.

Everything in place

On day 1 the newbie arrives.  Everyone is aware who is joining and are able to welcome them, knowing why they are joining and how they fit with the work the team does.  An induction programme involves a lot of self-help because a lot of online training, guidance and help in on the digital workplace.  All the tools the newbie needs are available and working with passwords set up – even a welcome message on their personal portal and email!

The newbie’s manager and team members won’t be bombarded all the time by questions because the newbie has access to discussion forums, FAQs and micro blogging tools to ask the simple. repetitive questions and find the answers on the digital workplace.

That leave the more complex and questions related to the newbie’s role and expectations to be answered with the newbie’s manager, team members or HR.

Accelerated productivity

The newbie has all the tools to start adding value from day 1.  More importantly, because of the way the business has prepared things for the newbie, they are very keen to show these efforts are appreciated and want to make that extra effort to show that.

The business sees accelerated productivity from a newbie who is engaged and committed from the first day.

More on the newbie’s first few weeks in my next post.

3 responses to “Make a newbie welcome and more engaged

  1. Mark
    I agree a new employee quickly becomes disenfranchised through a lack of access to the right technology, content and people.

    Induction content online is as obvious a win for the digital workplace as it is for the traditional intranet.

    I wonder however: what do companies do that have a largely remote workforce or high proportion of contract staff?

  2. Being effective Day 1 – Another reason for a social workplace #yam #social #collaboration

  3. Yes, giving the newbie access to the social media tools they grew up with and having training, phone, etc ready to go can help in making that newbie feel welcome. But how best to ensure that we don’t give the newbie access to social media tools before said newbie has been educated about the corporate guidelines regarding the use of those tools?

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