How do I engage employees and improve collaboration?

It’s  the type of question I am hearing more frequently.  It’s being asked by intranet people, CIOs, senior business operations managers and even a few CEOs.  It’s important that it is answered clearly and fully.  The alternative of ignoring it is to risk a repeat of what happened to knowledge management in the late 1990s when it was ‘the thing’ to talk about and be seen to be doing but sadly, in many cases, never able to meet its full potential helping businesses.

I don’t claim to know all the answers and there is more than one way to address this question.  In fact it is a deeper and complex subject which needs covering for this question to be answered fully.

Based on my knowledge and experience in my new role as an intranet pioneer and as BT’s intranet manager with intranet governance, social media, engagement and digital workplace I will post my suggestions on how you can:

  • engage people in your organisation
  • encourage better collaboration
  • get the culture right
  • adapt to changing ways of working
  • make an impact on the bottom line that your business watches

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