Web writing, editing and usability

It is important for intranets to be well governed with a clear strategy and prioritised plans for improvements, linking information sites together.

But without publishers being able to write clear, usable and concise information that people can view, use, share, etc, it will fail.

The lifeblood of any intranet is the information that is available.  The quality of it decides how useful it is to other people to help with their work.

I recently met Malcolm Davison through Martin White, Mr Intranet Focus, because of his knowledge and experience with effective web writing techniques.

You have an opportunity to find out how good Malcolm is for yourself as he’s running 1 day web content courses in London on 29 September and Edinburgh on 6 October.

I learnt a lot from my one hour meeting with Malcolm.  You can learn far more by investing a day of your time with Malcolm.

One response to “Web writing, editing and usability

  1. I couldn’t agree more for corporate top down communications.

    We used to run ‘writing for the web’ training courses at London Underground years ago. It’s not just about spelling and grammar either, chunking up content, using header styles appropriately, converting to .pdf anything over 2 pages in length…

    However with the advent of social media and certainly one to one free form comms, life has become a little easier for people like me with a Canadian education and atrocious spelling 🙂

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