James Robertson’s London masterclass ‘Designing intranets that work’

James Robertson will be running a masterclass ‘Designing intranets that work’ in London, UK, on 17th October.  For anyone like me who has seen James talking about intranets, he is a great performer and fantastic value.  He is very entertaining and forthright in his views!  He also has amazing knowledge on intranets and a unique take on how they can work best.  What James doesn’t know about designing a usable intranet that works for staff isn’t worth writing about.

As James says “The biggest complaint from staff in many organisations: I can’t find anything on the intranet! If intranets aren’t easy to use, with great navigation and search, there’s little point in having them. To ensure that new or redesigned intranets really are easy to use, we need to involve staff in the design process.”  Hear, hear!

James has been very helpful to me and I have learnt a great deal from hearing him speak with such passion about intranets.

So please book a place if you want to see James Robertson in person, need help with your intranet or just want to heckle him about England beating Australia in the Ashes cricket series (Which one? So many to choose from! ;-))

You won’t be disappointed.  That is certain!

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