London 2012 Olympics boost to the digital workplace

With perfect timing for my recent posts on the benefits of the digital workplace, the Evening Standard had a great article showing how the London Olympics will have a major impact on the digital workplace in just under 12 months time in 2012.

The aim is to reduce by one third the number of daily commutes to London while the Olympics take place from July 27 – August 12, 2012.  Sebastien Coe, head of LOCOG (The London 2012 Organising Committee), has led calls for flexible working and urged leading employers to follow the example of bankers JP Morgan, Citigroup and HSBC who plan to overhaul their working practices.

Companies that already have this sort of flexible working like BT, have realised that there are huge benefits for their business.  While I was the BT Intranet manager, 70,000 people worked flexibly accessing the digital workplace with 13,000 never going into an office.  BT says its homeworkers are 21% more productive than office-based colleagues.

This is the right time to start planning to implement my digital workplace principles so you are ready ahead of the Olympics.

Some banks believe the Olympics will be the tipping point for widespread adoption of the digital workplace. With savings in productivity and property costs, reduced impact on global warming with fewer journeys and employees more engaged and happier it is a compelling, winning, formula.

The real legacy from the London 2012 Olympics could be digital working becomes a reality for many workers.

2 responses to “London 2012 Olympics boost to the digital workplace

  1. This would be a great “spin off” of the Olympics.

    Going back a few years, I remember talking with a communications director at a large, global life sciences company just after the SARS near-pandemic in 2002-2003. He told me they were lucky because they had just finished installing their video conference rooms in their premises around the world and were able to continue business as usual, but without traveling. He said the take-up of the “new” way of communicating was very fast – people had no choice!

    The way things are developing at present, I think a variety of natural and man-made external events may be among the key strategy drivers for the digital workplace!

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