I am now intranet-pioneer.com

It is now easier for you to find my site and blog. You just need to go to intranet-pioneer.com.

Why intranet-pioneer?

Well, I believe I am an intranet pioneer combining strategic thinking with implementation skills.  Over many years I have developed intranet strategies and have first-hand practical experience of implementing major technology and change projects.

As the former BT Intranet manager, I transformed BT’s intranet into one of the best intranets globally for governance, engagement and collaboration also measuring the full value BT’s intranet contributed.

Now I have my own business, Mark Morrell Ltd.  As an intranet pioneer I can help you with your intranet strategy, governance, standards and use of collaboration tools.  I can also share with you my knowledge and experience of SharePoint 2010, the digital workplace and other intranet topics.

And the ‘-‘ makes it better for search engine optimisation in case you wondered. 🙂

My special thanks to Jane McConnell for all her help.

3 responses to “I am now intranet-pioneer.com

  1. Pioneer, we salute you! Hope to engage you in quests of wayfinding in the waste-lands of crappy intranets going forward. Best wishes mate!

  2. Christy Season

    Like the new domain name! Pioneer makes sense!

  3. Thanks for the thanks! It was a pleasure. You’ve got an exciting future ahead!

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