SharePoint strategy + implementation – ask a pioneer!

Are you planning to start using SharePoint 2010?
Do you need help with your SP2010 implementation?
Are you unsure of your SP2010 governance, standards, strategy?
Are you unsure how to use SP2010 for collaboration, content management, document management or search?
Are you looking at alternatives to SP2010?

If you have answered yes, maybe just nodded your head slightly, then I can help and work with you.

I have first-hand SP2010 experience of planning right the way through to post-implementation……and have got the scars to prove it!

Whether you need a call, demonstration (online or face to face), workshop, training, consultancy or implemention, I can help.

So just let me know by a comment, email – com, Skype (mark.morrell58), call +44 (0) 771 338 5309 or even visit me in Brighton! 🙂

Why not use my first-hand experience and wider intranet knowledge for your benefit?

7 responses to “SharePoint strategy + implementation – ask a pioneer!

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  2. Thanks for posting such a nice blog,its always nice to know that someone is here to help..
    I need to ask you,does sharepoint provides one to define a document type and associated metadata so that searches can be more specific ?
    If yes , Is it something that a business user can do or needs a developer’s hand..?

    • Hi Melisa,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, SharePoint 2010 can define a document type and associated metadata to improve searchability. It is something the owner of the document can do BUT you must make sure when IT implement SP 2010 they enable this feature so business users can do and save them having to ask IT everytime they need to do this for a document.


  3. Hi!!
    Does SharePoint 2010, has cross-site look up? ? I wish this feature is present in MS SharePoint 2010. Is there any other option to perform cross site look up in sharepoint 2007 as of now..?

  4. Yes it is possible to access content in MySites, TeamSites and MyProfiles providing your organisation has implemented all these features.

    What you see and can edit or create will be decided on the permissions you have. It is critical that permissions are part of the overall strategy for using SharePoint 2010. The level of permissions will decide what knowledge about a person in your oganisation may know or help you with.

    Search if implemented so you can tag and create your own folksonomy and with meta data to create a top level taxonomy will be a much better experience when searching SP 2010 content in all these places.

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