I’m speaking at Interaction 2011

I have been invited to speak at Interaction 2011.  Interaction 2011 is a focused intranet conference based in London that brings together some of the world’s best intranet speakers like Nigel Danson, Janus Boye and Sam Marshall.

It is open to Intranet Managers, Communications, HR and IT professionals as well as anyone with a keen interest in intranets.  You can learn about social intranets, intranet governance, mobile intranets and much more!

I encourage you to come to the conference, it’s great value and will be worth the time and effort getting to it.

I will be drawing on my intranet experience to present on ‘Good Governance = Engaged People’.  The two terms are not mutually exclusive.  You need good governance to get engaged people.  I will explain how intranet leadership will benefit the running of the platform, leading to a more enthusiastic, engaged and involved workforce.

I hope to see many of you there in London, UK, on 13 October.

One response to “I’m speaking at Interaction 2011

  1. Great to see your announcement Mark. Can’t wait to meet you.

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