How beautiful is your intranet?

Like London buses that arrive in twos and threes, here is another fantastic chance for intranet professionals to gain the recognition they deserve.
The Intranet Benchmarking Forum are running their ‘My beautiful intranet’ competition now.  The winners will be announced in the final hour of IBF 24 which I will be guest hosting with Paul Miller, IBF CEO and Founder.
You just need to do three things now.
My beautiful intranet 
1. My beautiful intranet
Enter by sending a screenshot of your intranet before IBF 24 starts on 17 May.  You can also vote for the entries submitted so far.
2. IBF 24 17-18 May
IBF 24If you haven’t heard of this already, where have you been?! 🙂
What can I say about IBF 24 that hasn’t been said already?  Now into its third year, IBF 24 just keeps getting better and better! 
IBF 24 is a FREE 24 hour online interactive broadcast from the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, showcasing live intranet tours and the latest from industry thought leaders.
Where else can you in 24 hours join thousands of the world’s intranet, digital and online practitioners plus many others?
3. IBF 24 last hour
I will be guest hosting the final hour with Paul Miller.  The winners of My Beautiful Intranet’ will be announced along with loads of exciting news.  So, please join me for the final countdown…………..and the previous 23 hours too!

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