Measuring the value SharePoint 2010 can bring to your organisation

You have developed a strategy.  You have built a governance framework.  You got the buy-in from stakeholders.  You factored in the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches.  You have started implementing SharePoint 2010.

So now, how do you to measure the value to show the investment made has been justified?  Easy to say but harder to show!

I believe you can measure the value at three levels.  These are:

1. Improved productivity

  • SP2010 can help speed up how quickly a business problem can be solved.
  • You can measure how many fewer people are now involved.
  • Compare the time taken now with solving similar faults to what was previously taken.
  • Maybe the skills and grade of people needed previously to solve the problems are not needed now.
  • Using SP2010 tools to improve the quality of the content, preventing mistakes made in the past, such as accessibility and link checks.

All of these can lead to large amounts of financial savings.  The challenge of course is to show what people did with the time saved.  More effectiveness rather than more efficiency needs to be demonstrated.

2. Reduced costs

  • SP2010 can reduce the cost of licences, technical support, servers, and helpdesks used with existing publishing tools.
  • Reducing the variety of tools used the licences (and administration) can save money.
  • As existing tools get old they may need increasing support to keep them running.
  • Servers need updating which costs too.
  • SP2010 should be easier to use than existing tools saving training, helpdesk and online guidance and support costs.

You need to make sure SP2010 is a good fit for your organisation’s needs to save costs.  That means getting your strategy and priorities right first!

3.  Increased revenue

  • People can be more productive saving time and effort with sales bids.
  • People can create and share knowledge more easily giving organisations a competitive edge.
  • Customer service improves with problems solved quicker leading to increased customer loyalty.
  • Better customer solutions with better collaboration through using SP2010.

If your SP2010 strategy is closely aligned to your organisation’s strategy it can exploit this opportunity to add overall value that shows through on the bottom line.

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