SharePoint 2010 special interest group

I recently met with other members of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum who are planning to or implementing SharePoint 2010.

My take on the meeting was how many issues we had in common – whether from a technical or business perspective.  The main issues were governance, engagement and cost savings.  There were others raised but these seemed the main ones to me.


Well, I realise I am not the only one who is learning as I go on what is the best governance model to use.  And there is still very little ‘expert opinion’ available that I really trust to follow apart from an IBF report by Martin White which is really helpful about SP2010 generally but sadly has only 2 pages on governance.

You need a model that takes account of the different publishing needs – formal, accredited type content as well as collaborative – and the whole lifetime of SP2010.  The model needs to cover the roles and responsibilities for everyone who uses SP2010.

The role of site collection administrator is critical to  this.  Giving it to everyone isn’t right – neither is it if no-one has that authority.  Somewhere in between feels best with enhanced permissions for people to publish and set permissions for what other people can do with the content on the site collection.


Rule no.1, no.2, no.3, etc – make sure the first impression people have of SP2010 is always a good one!

The first implementations of SP2010 in organisations seem to be around collaboration, social networking to improve engagement between people and with the organisation.  Better engagement = committed + more productive people.  So rolling out People Finder helps you search for other people.

MyProfile means when you find the person, apart from the automatically updated content shown such as contact details, place in the organisation, etc, you have the opportunity to add information that sets you apart from others like on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I recommend you seriously consider implementing MySite at the same time as MyProfile.  You need to be very careful what permissions you give people (site collection administrator issues!) but the benefits of the extra features should outweigh the drawbacks.

Cost savings

The wider benefits can only be gained if you think big with how you use SP2010.  By this I mean replacing existing tools and technology that is dated, expensive, hard to maintain so you show large savings.

By using SP2010 to replace content and document management tools as well as collaboration you gain the wider benefits of SP2010 integration, full range of features and consistency.  It can give a much better overall experience for everyone.

So, that’s my take on this SP2010 meeting.  I’ll share my presentation slides in my next post.  What’s your view from first hand experience of SP2010?

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