Aligning your SharePoint 2010 strategy with your business strategy

In my recent posts I have covered how vital it is to have a great SharePoint 2010 governance strategy and the benefits and drawbacks of focusing on restricting use, encouraging best practice and preventing problems.

However to gain the full benefits from your SP2010 strategy it has to fit with your business’ overall strategy.  This is no different in principle to creating an intranet strategy.

You need to be clear, very clear, on your business’ direction now and for the next 2-3 years.  This gives you time to create a strategy with a plan for short team goals to be achieved.

You need to see how the business strategy focuses on areas that SP2010 can help you.  These include:

  • Discovering expertise in the organisation through content discovery
  • Sharing knowledge across business units
  • Increasing efficiency by enabling people working on similar projects to discover each other
  • Reducing costs by rationalising the existing variety of technology platforms used

All of these are good reasons for your SP2010 strategy to align with your business strategy.  SP2010 can contribute towards meeting these business needs and you can plan what action to take and the outcome to be achieved.

But it is not good enough to just deploy SP2010 because your IT strategy says so.  What are the benefits to your business?  How will it change the way people work?

My experience has shown you need to be bold and think big when creating a SP2010 strategy.  It’s of little value to just change a small function, for example only changing the document management technology.

The full potential benefit has more chance of being achieved if you make major changes based on clear business need and the outcome is measurable and agreed by stakeholders.

Please let me have your comments based on your own experiences to help me and other intranet people reading this post with SP2010.  My next post will be on how you define your stakeholder strategy when moving to SP2010.

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