How to encourage SharePoint 2010 best practice

In my last two posts I have covered how ‘SharePoint 2010 governance strategy in action’ has to be very different to other publishing or collaborative tools and the ‘Strategic benefits and drawbacks of SharePoint 2010’ of restricting use.

I will now cover the benefits and drawbacks of encouraging best practice of key SP2010 features such as SP Designer and site administration rights.


  1. You inform people of all the benefits to be gained.
  2. You train people to use the right tools.
  3. You design a registration process to direct people to the right tools.
  4. You point them to guidance on how to follow best practice.
  5. You encourage innovation by giving them freedom of use.


  1. You can’t prevent people using different tools to those you recommend.
  2. You risk confusing people using content unsure of its integrity.
  3. You can’t prevent people ignoring best practice when publishing.
  4. You may make it difficult for people to share knowledge effectively.
  5. Your governance model may be ineffective and need improving.

Getting the balance right between encouraging best practice and having some governance to deter behaviour which can destroy the value from using SP2010.

Again, I’d really like to hear about firsthand experiences dealing with these points/decisions and what tradeoffs you had to make.  More about how to prevent problems happening in the first place in my next post.

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  7. It might also be interesting to check out the following TechNet Wiki page containing an overview of resources about SharePoint 2010 best practices:

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