Intellact: BT’s customer insight and information site

There are a few ‘killer applications and content’ which have driven the usage of BT’s intranet.  As well as the BT Homepage – our corporate portal, BT Today – our new sites and Directory – our people finder, Intellact, BT’s customer insight and market portal has been key to achieveing this.

Intellact provides a wealth of insight on the communications industry. Thousands of people in all parts of BT use these services to:

  • Help understand customer needs and satisfaction.
  • Monitor the global press – daily updates on business trends.
  • Support business propositions.

Comprehensive, up-to-date, high quality research helps people make their decisions with:

  • Business news
  • IT research and advice
  • BT commissioned market research
  • Broker research
  • Industry sector research
  • Internet audience measurement

Business news is updated several times per day on Intellact.  You can sign up to receive an email that reviews the days top news from UK and international newspapers, journals and newswires.

Intellact offers an unrivalled collection of published research covering ICT and other industry sectors with the option to contact analysts for further details. 

Intellact can be searched in various ways and you can set up alerts so when a new research is available you are informed so you don’t miss anything.

Intellact helps BT give people what they need for their business needs and a competitive edge to BT.

Have a look at these Intellact examples.

3 responses to “Intellact: BT’s customer insight and information site

  1. Mark – really interesting. Alway love reading your blog posts and gaining an insight in the great things you do with the BT intranet.

    Intellact seems like a great killer application. It is interesting that people still ask to get alerts through email. How do you ensure this drives intranet useage? Do you just have links in the emails?


    Nigel Danson

    • Nigel,

      Thank you. 🙂

      Intellact allows users to create alerts, predefined in the My Intellact area of the site or by subscribing to their own saved searches. The results are delivered daily, all in a single message. This email includes titles, short summaries and links to the article on the site.


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