Get a great intranet by involving everyone

When I posted about the latest results for BT ‘BT Intranet 2010 benchmark results‘ I promised to give examples the Intranet Benchmarking Forum highlighted as global best practice.

The first example was about our content.  IBF said all pages across BT’s intranet contain author and date information.

My next example is about how involving everyone can make your intranet more valuable to your organisation.  IBF said BT’s intranet supports our values to be open and straightforward in dealings with colleagues.

BT’s intranet builds on this by supporting collaboration with anyone in BT including senior managers.  We do this in several ways with online chats, blogs, and collaboration tools including:

  • Blog Central now has over 500 blogs with over 80% having posted at least once in the last month
  • BTpedia now has over 2,500 wiki articles with new articles added every few days and the top article having over 125,000 views
  • Podcast Central now has over 1,000 podcast episodes with over 20 added in the last week
  • On our newsdesk site, BT Today can express their views on BT-wide subjects that anyone can add to as well as comment on news stories.
  • BT’s CEO, Ian Livingston, has regular online chats where anyone can ask a question he will respond to for about one hour.

11 responses to “Get a great intranet by involving everyone

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  2. Mark

    Very interesting stuff, but having seen you speak before, those stats were not really that surprising 🙂

    What I can’t remember you mentioning, and excuse me if you have blogged this before, but what do you use in the way of enterprise search in order for users to find useful blog posts, wiki entries, podcasts etc ???



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  4. Thanks for the info and the links 🙂

    Interestingly when I left the OU in Milton Keynes we were still using Ultraseek, including indexing the MediaWiki installation and the WordPress installation, that provided similar facilities to yours. I believe they are now using Exalead.

    Thanks again


  5. Out of curiosity – where does the content come from? Do you have dedicated content managers/providers? One of the biggest issues we have is that we have no one dedicated to content creation and no one has enough time to podcast/blog etc…

  6. Interesting, how do they manage the chats? is the CEO not flooded with questions during such a chat?

    • Tim,

      They take place every 6 weeks on average. Our CEO has great computing skills. He will spend one hour at his PC answering all the questions that come in like emails. His answers are normally short – 3 to 4 sentences max.

      Normally he gets through all the questions and will then pick up any not covered over the next day or so by email directly.

      I’m fortunate, aren’t I? 🙂


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