What’s your view on SharePoint 2010?

Like most organisations at the moment, BT is looking at what SharePoint 2010 has to offer and how it could meet our business needs.

I’ve read about SP 2010 in the blog posts for expert views, joined an IBF seminar last week, discussed it with other intranet professionals at conference and following #sp2010 on Twitter.

I still haven’t found all the answers to my questions around usability, accessibility, governance, integration, search, etc but I don’t expect to yet.

I have joined two groups on LinkedIn to ask these types of questions with other people who are involved with SP 2010.  There is a group on Sharepoint Governance and Sharepoint User Groups.  Anyone else want to join?

I really want to find a group of non-technical people who have the a similar view from a business rather than IT focus.

What’s your view on SP 2010?  Have you any good information links or groups to share that will help?

8 responses to “What’s your view on SharePoint 2010?

  1. I think SP is restricted to companies which are not technical, are locked into Microsoft or have a political need to spend money on software from large vendors to align the company behind it. Any internet startup, or company with technical acumen or constrained resources or who is concerned with costs or value for money will be using a combination of the myriad of superior open source projects or Web services.

    As for usability, I have a good handle on using The Web, but had to ring a helpdesk to submit a request to travel on my first encounter with a SP site. File->New->add row and other such metaphors from obsolete “Office” applications simply don’t translate to the Web.

    I gather future direction for Sharepoint is Silverlight, which will make it less useable, especially to those writing browser or curl based mashups or who use mobile, open or assistive devices.

  2. Hi Mark,

    You know how much I like SharePoint, so I’m not going to try to hide it, but I do agree with your comments. I was at the SharePoint conference in Sydney last week, and every business question got a technical answer.

    People keep saying that SharePoint’s bad because of the governance issue, but last time I checked there were plenty of other systems making a mess of intranets due to lack of governance, it’s not the tool.

    I agree we the need for more business chat, so if you do find or start a group, count me in, or we can start some new threads in either of the linked in groups.

    Some comments;

    Some of the old governance approaches won’t work well on SharePoint. In the past we focused on governing the creation of content, but in SharePoint, I think we have to let that go and govern the lifecycle of content.

    We need to increase the focus on connecting people leveraging the My Site and activity stream.

    We need to work out how users are going to navigate large amounts of information, or are they going to rely on search.

    I think some people are trying to make SharePoint fit their old governance models, but I would suggest starting again. Look at the governance model, what were you trying to achieve, is that still valid, and how do we achieve this in SharePoint.

    Some good reading;


    http://www.cmswire.com/ (some good SP posts recently)

  3. Andrew,

    Thanks for your thoughts and the blog links. They’re very useful for an up to date view.

    I agree with you that how we govern information needs reviewing to make sure it makes best use of the technology to meet business needs.

    I’m posting some questions in the two LinkedIn groups to see how active they are.


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