What’s an intranet manager’s career path?

After a successful live tour of BT’s intranet on IBF24, I also took part with Christy Season, William Amurgis, Mark Tilbury and Kay Golan in a discussion on the career paths for intranet managers.

There is no easy answer and no clearly defined path.  This maybe because intranet manager is a relatively new role but also it doesn’t fit nicely into an established development and succession plan.

The skills and experience which intranet people have – strategic, communications, project management, technology, people and relationship management – can lead you into many career paths.

This abundance of talent should be seen as strengths that can be used in many other roles in the same organisation not as weaknesses because they are too diverse to fit into one natural path.

There isn’t much advice for intranet managers.  LinkedIn groups tends to be how to help with intranets rather than their managers.  So, we agreed to create a LinkedIn group for intranet managers to help other intranet managers.

I hope the recorded discussion is made available for people to listen to after IBF24 is finished – not just because I’m talking but the points made to help intranet managers.

9 responses to “What’s an intranet manager’s career path?

  1. Hi Mark,

    I think you first need to define what is a Intranet Manager, in different companies this can mean different things, from just ownership of Content or Policy, or as well the infrastructure including servers for mail, DMS etc etc etc, or my take is that you as Intranet manager hold the relationship between IT and the Business, taking the requirements from the business for the progression of there knowledge and collaboration warehouse.

    Dave Collins

    • Dave,

      That’s absolutely right. The role varies in title, relationship, organisation position and scope.


  2. Hi Mark – firstly, thanks for a very thorough and informed discussion on this topic at yesterday’s IBF24. There were many highlights for me over the course of the 24 hour event, and this discussion was right up there. I too hope that the recorded discussion is made available to IBF24 participants.

    The intranet manager role has evolved so much over the last ten or so years, and off the scale since ‘social’ was introduced via web 2.0. The role seems to have no clear description and certainly no career path. I know from personal experience that obtaining market data for remuneration purposes is also a problem. Those who offer benchmarking services in this area rarely, if ever, have an ‘intranet manager’ category, or anything even close.

    I’m looking forward to further discussions on this topic and hope we can generate some useful peer support for intranet managers.


  3. Hello Mark, I enjoyed your BT presentation at Advanced Portals & Intranets in Amsterdam last week.
    I remember you making a remark about the Intranet Managers careerpath. I have two thoughts: 1. to me LinkedIn seems to be just about the biggest & best Intranet around. It is just not defined by company walls but by connected individuals.

    2. If you are succesfull in engaging people you can tailor to the needs of a particular target group in a complex environment. It doesn’t matter if this target group is incompany or on a website/community/event. Does this comment help the discussion?

    Kind regards, Michiel Jansen

    • Michiel,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree with you. I’ll post on my blog when a LinkedIn group for intranet managers is created.

      I’m glad you found my presentation enjoyable last week too.


  4. Scott Kaufman

    Good topic. There is the ‘Intranet Professionals’ group on LI.

    @Judy: I think it’s quite possible to find or make some realistic salary ranges based on the specific role. (It’s often more difficult to define the role properly however.). Ask here or on LI. Example: What do we think this pay range should be based on the limited info listed? http://playstation.taleo.net/careersection/sceaexternal1/jobdetail.ftl?lang=en&job=18100&src=JB-10380

    I’ve found Step Two’ resources on Intranet roles very useful.

  5. Hi, nice post! I enjoy reading it.
    Keep it coming!

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