Successfully transforming BT’s intranet using social media

I will be speaking at the Advanced Intranet and Portals conference in Amsterdam held on 27 and 28 May.  It aims to ‘Connect your employees to anybody, anywhere, and drive business growth through social media, Web 2.0 and collaboration tools whilst increasing employee usability and engagement’.

I will use Twitter to share any nuggets of knowledge that I uncover while attending the conference.  Already there is a lot of interest around Sharepoint 2010 which BT is planning to use.

My presentation will cover:

  • Analysing the need to use social media tools and knowing how to get it adopted in your organisation
  • Drawing up guidelines to minimise the information, security, legal and brand risks
  • Selecting an effective governance strategy that minimises risk and increases adoption
  • Studying whether a social media working group and/or Chief Social Media Officer will enhance internal promotion, adoption rates and general management
  • Meeting the demand from younger and new users
  • Overcoming internal barriers and resistance
  • Weighing up the benefits from social media

If you are not able to attend you can view my presentation slides here.

3 responses to “Successfully transforming BT’s intranet using social media

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  2. Hi Mark,

    The research you have done/ are doing on social media tools and internal communication that we can find on your website, does that only cover BT UK? or is that including BT USA and Asia Pacific?


  3. Sandy,

    It covers the whole of BT although most people work in the UK. One of the biggest benefits is the saving in travel costs and time with virtual teams collaborating across different time zones using social media tools.


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