2010 BT Intranet user research update

I recently posted about the latest user satisfaction with BT’s intranet but forgot to mention one key area which really troubles me.  Self service applications.

You will know my concerns on their usability and the problems trying to improve it.  Well, the research confirmed all of these and showed me how much users are prepared to put up with because they have no choice.

But it is the huge loss of productivity because of the time taken completing tasks, asking helpdesks, colleagues or searching for online guidance or having to be trained to do these tasks which is my aim too.

I am working with my IT partners in BT and with our suppliers of self service applications like Oracle to improve the ‘out of the box’ usability.

This will take time but it is tackling the problem at the root source so should ultimately bring many benefits to BT and other customers of these applications.

One response to “2010 BT Intranet user research update

  1. Good luck Mark. The challenge will be raising usabilty as an essential requirement/priority when it’s up against platform stability, MI capability, system integration and cost. Of course, usability needn’t be a competitor to these but as long as the people making big procurement and strategic roadmap decisions don’t see usability as an essential that they will be measured against I fear it will be an uphill battle. I would extend this to Sharepoint as well.

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