I’m just trying to keep the customer satisfied

It’s a great Simon and Garfunkel song (am I showing my age?) and covers what I do for my customers = BT Intranet users trying to meet all their expectations and keep them satisfied.

I’ve got the latest results back from our annual survey of BT Intranet users.  The survey was carried out again by GfK NOP on my behalf. 

This survey is a vital part in BT’s plan for improving our intranet.  With raising expectations from internet usage (Why can’t we have Google?) and the pressure to be productive by doing things better and quicker I feel you need to run fast to just keep still with levels of satisfied users.

On a first reading I was a bit despondent but realised users expectations may be unrealistic.  I was relieved to see the levels of satisfaction remain high compared with last year’s research:

  • 79% satisfied with the BT Intranet (down 4%)
  • 40% extremely/very satisfied with the BT Intranet (down 2%)
  • 7% are dissatisfied with the BT Intranet (up 1%)
  • 78% satisfied with BT Homepage (down 1%)
  • 43% extremely/very satisfied with BT Homepage (no change)
  • 7% dissatisfied with BT Homepage (up 4%)
  • 47% agree the BT Intranet improves everyday working life (down 1%)
  • 57% agree the BT Intranet helps me to be more efficient in my job (down 2%)

The parts of BT Homepage changed got the highest level of satisfaction.  I know that navigation and usability are both drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 

Awareness and usage of social media has both increased which is great news.  Interestingly I found out two key stats:

  • nearly 90% of BT people under 25 use social media while
  • less than 50% of BT people over 50 use social media

So, I’m building the recommendations into my intranet plan for 2009/10 and reviewing our strategy.

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