BT Intranet 2010 benchmark results

It’s been a year since I posted about the last benchmarking of BT’s intranet against global best practice.  You can find the background to this on my post on benchmarking and best practice examples on senior sponsorship and using HR processes.

I’m really pleased that BT’s intranet is still the top intranet overall and for each of the quadrants assessed – strategy and governance; communications and culture; performance and metrics; and usability.  It has maintained it’s 2009 position when benchmarked by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum.

I believe it makes our intranet one of the best globally – certainly when measured independently by external experts.

It showed that BT’s Intranet is strongest in: strategy communication; senior sponsorship; security and risk management; valuing significant intranet developments; monitoring use and performance; resource flexibility; integration into ways of working; employee involvement; connectivity; collaboration and knowledge working; people management and development; content; engagement and efficiency.

Now this is GREAT news for me, BT, and most importantly everyone in BT who uses our intranet but – while I bask for a moment in the limelight – there is still more to be improved.

These cover stakeholder governance; social media strategy communication; assessing value of new content areas; targeting content; brand alignment; user feedback systems; findability; coherence and consistency; design. 

To be fair some of these are minor areas of improvement but combined will make a difference to users.

And of course the strong areas can become even stronger still!

So I have plenty to do still to take BT’s intranet to the next level.  I will share some best practice examples in more detail over the next few weeks.

13 responses to “BT Intranet 2010 benchmark results

  1. Congratulations!!!! Well done

  2. Well done Mark, a great achievement for you and the team. There’s always more to do but that’s what keeps it interesting 🙂

  3. Mark,

    Thanks. Yes, no room for complacency in BT! Onwards and (hopefully) upwards……….


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