The benefit you gain from intranet standards

I was asked at the recent IntraTeam event (most excellent! :-)) to explain in more detail about BT’s intranet standards for publishers.  I have posted before about 5 ‘must have’ standards and about accessibility and usability.

I thought it would help to say first why I think standards are important and the benefits for everyone in BT.

Intranet publishing standards need to have compelling reasons for being used.  For BT’s intranet these can include:

  • Legal: web accessibility, copyright and image rights
  • Regulatory: BT’s undertakings with OFCOM
  • Business: content up to date and reviewed and branding
  • Users: print, PDA features and global navigation bar 

The main thing is, whatever the reason, is that it:

You must also make it as easy as possible for publishers to comply with these standards.  The higher you make this barrier the more difficult it will be to achieve and the more time and effort needed to do this.

So template features for content management that build in standards like owner, review date, copyright, PDA versions of the information mean publishers have no choice and find it much easier to comply.

I’ll cover our standards in more detail in the next few weeks.  Please let me know which ones you want me to cover first.

4 responses to “The benefit you gain from intranet standards

  1. Looking forward to all your next posts on BT’s intranet standards. Particularly interested in content quality.

    • Diane,

      That’s one vote for content quality as first. Do you mean usability, relevance, tone of voice or all of these when you say content quality?


  2. I guess that’s the question really. Different organisations have different standards (if any!) for assessing the quality of content, both before it goes live and in regular content audits – so I was wondering how things work at BT.

    No rush on this – just whenever it’s convenient.


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