A great IntraTeam event!

I’ve just got my breath back from speaking and attending one of the best intranet conferences I have been to for some time.  I was spoilt by the hospitality of the organisers; the quality of the speakers; the quantity of new ideas and themes and the enthusiasm of everyone interested in intranets.

So what did I take away from IntraTeam 2010?  Well there was an interview I gave after my presentation!

There was so much good stuff especially from Jane McConnell, Martin White, Eric Reiss, James Robertson and Michael Sampson that I have linked to their blogs if you want to find out more.  But there are 2 main areas I will be working on straight away.

1. Stakeholder governance

Develop our governance model more towards even closer, more formal (steering group?), involvement in 2010.  These points (thanks to Jane McConnell) will help me:

  • Intranets need to implement cross-organisational ownership
  • Identify the big intranet decisions and who should make them
  • Work with business and functional intranet stakeholders and involve users balancing needs
  • Governance is a form of negotiation: you need control, politics, flexibility and common sense (and a sense of humour I say!)
  • Involve the “next to the top” and “operational” level of people 
  • Don’t treat “social media” like something different from the real intranet

2. People come first with intranets

BT’s intranet has always been based on this principle.  It must meet business and user needs.  These points (thanks to James Robertson) will help me with some key intranet decisions about to be taken:

  • Put people at the centre of intranets
  • Provide universal access to your intranet
  • Intranets need to act proactively, not just reactively to users needs
  • Intranets should drive the engine for change
  • Create a seamless enterprise experience
  • Deliver end-to-end solutions
  • Cross boundaries so intranets, internets, integrate with different content and applications
  • Intranets must make the organisation work better
  • Intranets must help people do their jobs (better)
  • Intranet managers need to create their own designs and future scenarios
  • Design great (but small) solutions
  • Simplify – join the dots and blur the lines

I hope the tweets helped although Twitter can’t properly capture Kurt’s 5 minute warning signal! 🙂

4 responses to “A great IntraTeam event!

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  2. Dino Scanzello

    I received an invitation to a supposed event – ADVANCED INTRANET & PORTALS, 27 & 28 May 2010, Amsterdam – claiming that you are a confirmed speaker. The invitation seemed more like a cut & paste from LinkedIn where by “coincidence” happens to be the only web site which returns a google result for the event. Is this a real event and are you a confirmed speaker?

  3. Dino,

    It is a genuine event. I have been asked to speak at that event. I’m still discussing with the event organisers and haven’t formally confirmed I will be there yet.

    I attended a similar one a couple of years agao and found it very helpful and informative.

    Maybe I’ll see you there?


    • Mark,

      I probably won’t be there, but one of my colleagues may go. We’re developing a knowledge based software solution that uses a non-traditional approach to manage and distribute information. It depends heavily on the participation of the users like any other KMS of course. That’s where the non-traditional part comes in.

      Anyway, this conference seems like it would be a good venue to collect ideas for our solution, considering that the attendee base would be our targeted audience.

      Thanks again.


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