What’s the full value of your intranet?

I’m off on holiday next week to recharge my batteries ready for fresh challenges with BT’s intranet in March and to present at the IntraTeam conference in Copenhagen on 4 March.  I recommend you attend if you can – not because I’m there – as there are many excellent speakers that I’m really keen to hear and meet.

I will be speaking about how BT measures the full value its intranet gives.  It is something I have posted about before.  I’ll cover:

  • Make money from advertising
  • Measure user satisfaction
  • Improve productivity
  • Value of exploited and unexploited less tangible benefits
  • Selling the technology that we use
  • If you can’t make the conference, here is my presentation.

    Before that I’m off to a lovely quiet place called Solva in Pembrokeshire.  Can’t wait…..! 🙂

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