Mark Morrell meets Oracle

Next week I will go to Oracle’s Customer Advisory Council.  This is a meeting between Oracle and as many of their top 10 customers who can attend.  BT comes into that category so I’ll meet Oracle.

The aim of the council is to cover the user experience and how future versions of software being released will improve it.  It should also cover concerns like I have about the usability of their applications and making things easier to use.

So, this meeting won’t just be about the current or next release of Oracle UCM and how it meets BT’s needs but cover other applications.

I believe I will be shown the next releases to comment upon  and suggest how their future plans could improve the user experience.  I really would like Oracle to seriously consider working to some agreed usability standards.

So, this is your chance to help me by leaving a comment on this post or email me by next Tuesday 17:00 GMT (meeting is Wednesday and Thursday) on any usability issue you have that I can raise on your behalf.

I expect it to be a valuable and constructive meeting.  I hope to update you afterwards with the progress made.  I try to be optimistic!

3 responses to “Mark Morrell meets Oracle

  1. I’d prefer a world where Oracle didn’t do user interfaces at all, and focussed on the administrator and developer experience; those are the people that they know well. And instead we’d have a forest of boutiques (in-house and outsourced) that would craft custom HTML5 user interfaces around the needs of individuals, using those nicely documented, well understood Oracle APIs and SDKs. (In this utopian parallel universe, their APIs would be RESTful HTTP exposures of JSON and HTML with nary a mention of XML)

    • Jeremy,

      Wouldn’t that be so good! I’m not sure I can achieve all of that in one meeting but I’ll see the first step can be taken. The phrase ‘Do what you do best and partner for the rest’ is relevant and could be adopted by Oracle.


    • Already happening – witness the many shops building custom UIs against Oracle E-Business suite with tools like Oracle Application Express. With Fusion Apps (late 2010) the entire functionality will be available as services, so you can build anything you like. The big issue then becomes if Oracle will sell a Fusion Apps Services license…

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