BT’s intranet is 15 (yes, 15) years old

Just before Christmas 15 years ago a few grey pages appeared and flickered away on a computer screen in BT for the first time.  

What began as a small pilot project to look at the problem of “information overload” has led to being one of the best intranets globally with everyone in BT using it.

It’s now such an intrinsic part of the way that the company does its business that it is hard to imagine business life without it.  A BT person now uses the information network for a variety of tasks at work and also works with processes and systems which are intranet based.

 These include ‘killer applications’ at the start of our intranet that I have posted about before – BT Homepage, Directory, BT Today and more recently social media tools like Blog Central, BTpedia and Podcast Central.

Information and activities supported by the intranet include sales and marketing data, fault resolution, service planning and provision, facilities management, human resources support, senior executives’ sites and business intelligence.

All our key BT-wide applications most people need to use are online – whether booking a room, claiming expenses, ordering a PC, performance marking or training – saving time, paper, effort and transforming costs.

So what about the future?  I can’t predict for the next 15 years but I’ll post about the next 15 months soon.

8 responses to “BT’s intranet is 15 (yes, 15) years old

  1. I remember that old Tube map that we used to use to navigate the entire intranet!

  2. Happy Birthday BT!

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