BT today – BT’s great intranet news site

I’ve mentioned in previous posts BT today as BT’s main intranet news site for the latest news affecting everyone in BT.  But I don’t feel I’ve given it full justice until now.  The problem is where to start as it has so much to offer!

BT today was one of the first sites on BT’s intranet when it was launched in 1994.  It meant people could find out the latest news, whenever they wanted to and reduced the overload (and cost) of information being sent to everyone each day.

Since it’s launch BT today has been one of the most popular sites on BT’s intranet.  BT raises several tens of thousands of pounds from digital advertising on the site.  It has now grown to include:

I’ve shared some examples of BT today for you to see these.

Along with BT Homepage and Directory, the BT today news site is one of the key sites that encouraged people to start using the BT Intranet.  Offering a wider range of news services has encouraged people to use it more, and more frequently.

Future plans include more use of photos for each story, larger photos where suitable for stories and people able to comment on each story.

9 responses to “BT today – BT’s great intranet news site

  1. Hi Mark,

    Can users rate and respond to these items. If so, do you modrate these. Are there also any ‘layered’ items (mixing text, video, audio etc).

    At BDO we currently embedd the news within the communities items relate to, however, I can see the appeal for the ‘news portal’ approach for company wide items.

    Looks good

    • Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. The answer is “No, not yet…..”.

      BT plans to introduce these to help give users an even better experience in 2010.

      In BT we basically have a bucket of news stories that are all tagged so they can appear by organisation, community or interest in whatever channel users choose.


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