Improve findability for no extra cost

BT’s intranet search engine, Search BT, is the biggest instance of Ultraseek run in Europe.  It searches nearly 2 million different pieces of content.  This includes what we call formal, verified, content as well as collaborative, user generated content.

Here’s an example of how a couple of minor changes to an intranet page had a major impact on its findability for no cost.

People wanting to review or change sharesave plans needed to download and complete a form from the BT intranet and email it to the right group.

When they searched for the form by typing in its name to Search BT the top result was a form called ‘Saveshare Changes’.  So they filled it in and sent it off.  But the top result was the wrong form! 😦

The form people needed to use was under a link on the same saveshare changes page as other forms including the wrong form.  With no meta data or keywords on that page to help direct the search engine, it meant the top result took you to one of several saveshare changes forms, not the page for the right form.

Once the meta data was added in the page, it rose to the top result shown on Search BT for search queries on saveshare changes.

That minor tweak to one page saved people acting on the forms a lot of time and BT money in productivity savings.  It also speeded up the time for changes people wanted made saving a lot of frustration. 🙂

2 responses to “Improve findability for no extra cost

  1. All major brands in the search engine sphere do need refinement, never ending story….. cheaper than investment in a new one. Common sense really, but usually it is easier to wish for a Googlish appearance…. even though to different creatures, since most intranet searches relates to something people think exist or should be there somewhere, whereas Internet search you are happy with pretty good links on the first one or two information seeking quests.. keep up the good work

    • Fredric,

      It’s good to hear from you again. How is the weather? Not too cold I hope……….

      We are going for the cheap option but it is improving the user experience in finding what is needed.


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